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Moving Tips


No matter the type or distance of your move, relocating can be a stressful experience. To help make your move as worry-free as possible, here are a few tips you can use to make the transition go smoothly.

Collect Boxes Early. Once you have decided you’re going to move, it’s best to start collecting boxes as early as possible. Large boxes can be hard to find, so getting what you need early will help you to be more organized. Don’t be afraid to ask local stores for any boxes they may have, too.

Get Supplies. In addition to boxes, you’re going to need other supplies such as: tape, tape dispenser, scissors, magic markers, labels, newspaper or other padding products.


Book Your Mover. Moving companies can book up quickly, especially towards the end/beginning of the month. Make sure you book your moving company as soon as possible to ensure you get a reputable and experienced service, such as Move Me Again.

Get Quotes. When choosing a moving company, always be sure to shop around for quotes and ask for references. Keep in mind, though, that while going with the cheapest company may seem appealing, it’s not always your best option.


Pack by the Room. When you start packing, it can be tempting to start frantically packing. Take an organized and steady approach and begin packing room by room. Carefully label boxes where they will go in your new home or office.


Sort as you Go. Take the opportunity to sort through your belongings as you pack. Place any unwanted items aside and hold a garage sale, or donate them, before you move.


Wrap Delicate Items. Always be sure to wrap any delicate items, such as glasses or mirrors, to ensure they don’t get broken during the moving process. Even if you’re moving just a short distance, you should make a conscious effort to protect your belongings.